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In true Japanese fashion, these towels are more than meets the eye.  Astonishingly innovative, the Japanese designed these towels with a double-sided construction that features pile on one side and gauze sprinkled with delicate Swiss dots on the other.  An experience unto themselves.

White Gauze Dot Bath Sheet
100% Cotton
approx. 64"l x 37"w

White Gauze Dot Bath Towel
100% Cotton
approx.55"l x 28"w

White Gauze Dot Hand Towel
100% Cotton
approx. 39"l x 20"w

White Gauze Dot Wash Towel (not available at this time)
100% Cotton
approx. 16"l x 13"w

Machine Wash in Mild Detergent
Tumble Dry Low
Made in Japan




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