Christian Tortu's perfumed candles reflect the Parisian floral designer's passion for all things floral and fauna.  

Christian Tortu Candle Collection
Forets Candle is a woody evergreen scent combining fragrant resin and needles of the pine tree.

Vert Frais Candle has a delightful mix of floral and citrus notes with undertones of verbena.

Muguet des Bois is a delicate floral scent that blends lily of the valley with a whisper of vanilla.

Bois de Oud  is a warm, woodsy scent dominated by Oud wood with notes of magnolia enveloped with labdanum and birch.

Provence L'Hiver is  a rich, herbal scent with notes of cypress, rosemary and thyme.

Vegetal Wax
6.7 oz
Dark Green Glass Vessel in a Presentation Box


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