Handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, Mad et Len's highly exclusive pure vegetal wax candles, room sprays and potpourri are crafted in-house in small hand-blended batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices.  The candles and potpourri are housed in one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessels hand-hammered in the company-owned blacksmith shop.

Mad et Len Perfumed Candles
Black Champaka
An ode to earth's elements, the Black Champaka candle carries delicate notes of champaka blooming in the depths of a tropical forest.

A clean and fresh blend of herbal Moroccan mint tea, basil and a touch of cypress.

Terre Noire
An earthy blend of forest soil, bark and minerals, laced with the warmth of spice and ancient woods.

Lili Neroli (currently unavailable)
Crisp, fresh notes of dried orange blossom, blooming herbs and green facets transport the mind and spirit to summer nights along the French Riviera.

Figue Noire (currently unavailable)
A Mediterranean inspired scent combining notes of wild figue and sandalwood.

Approximate Burn Time 75 Hours

Made in France


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