This collection of creamy ivory pottery vessels is handmade in Brooklyn, New York by Nicholas Newcomb, who has studied and worked with renowned ceramics artist Toshiko Takaezu, as well as other highly acclaimed designers such as Christopher Spitzmiller.  Each of the banded vases or tripod bowl hold their own, but look spectacular arranged as a grouping.  The "ebony and ivory" collections combine to create the ultimate still life.

Nicolas Newcomb Handmade Pottery - Ivory w/ Gloss Finish
Small Vase 
3.5" rim diameter x 5.25"h

Medium Vase
4.5" rim diameter x 8"h

Large Vase 
4.5" rim diameter x 10.5"h

Hand-Thrown Earthenware
Made in Brooklyn, New York
All measurements are approximate as each piece is handmade.

Made in Brooklyn, New York

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