From a company that prides itself on elevating utterly nonessential essentials. Traveling the globe, often traversing the most remote regions, they are always in search of the extraordinary that are singular and yet particularly useful.

The Brass Collection
Brass Lidded Round Box - makes an elegant desk accessory or treasure box.
3.25" diameter x 1.75"h

Brass Cup - simple, elegant, perfect for the bath.
3.35"h - holds 5 oz. or a handful of Q-tips

Brass Oval Dish - can hold anything from the precious to the mundane.
4.5"l x 3.5"w x 1"h

Brass Pill Box - just the ticket for transporting your daily dose of pills and pick-me-ups 
1.75"l x 1.25"w x .50"h




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