These vintage utensil jars were part of the found inventory of classic French stoneware uncovered in the shuttered Poterie Renault pottery studio. Based in the Loire Valley of France, five generations of the Renault family produced storage canisters and cookware meant for practical, everyday use in the French kitchen. Lucky us to have acquired a small portion of the inventory, including these covered storage pots, as well as the garlic pot with ventilation holes. The flat unglazed lids allow for stacking.

Vintage French Stoneware Storage Pots
Garlic Pot w/ Ventilation Holes
4.75"h x 5" diameter

Small Covered Canister
5"h x 5" diameter

Medium Covered Canister
6.75"h x 7" diameter

Large Covered Canister
7.75"h x 7" diameter

Kiln-Fired Stoneware
Durable, Non-Porous Salt Glaze
Food Safe
Made in France


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