From a Guatamalan-based company committed to the preservation of Mayan cultural heritage and crafts, the hand-painted half-moon plates and bowl are enameled on one half in white and on the other half in black.  The half-and-half plates, which bear a striking resemblance to a black-and-white cookie, give traditional tinware a contemporary voice.  Since the enamelware is hand-paonted, each piece is unique and reflects natural variations.  Creatives might consider mixing and matching the half-and-half enamelware with the splatter enamelware.

Enameled Tinware
Half-and-Half Dinner Plate
11" diameter

Half-and-Half Salad Plate
8" diameter

Half-and-Half Bowl
6.5" diameter x 2.5" h

Hand Wash
Handcrafted in Guatamala


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