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The term Treen is of Old English origin and means "of a tree" and became the generic name for small handmade functional objects made of turned wood. Treenware was typically handmade in the 18th and 19th centuries, but these more modern pieces were created by contemporary artists in the 1980's and 1990's from the same technique of turning wood. The selection of different wood species was always important and this collection was created using and marrying an array of exotic woods to great effect. 

Treenware Boxes
1. Front Left Main Photo - 2.75"h x 4" top diameter x 1" base diameter
A wide mouth vessel designed and crafted by William Baxter for Baxter Wood, that tapers down to a delicate small base. Fabricated in a heavily grained exotic wood and signed Baxter Wood, 98-210.

2. Back Left Main Photo- 6.25"h x 4" top diameter x 1.25" base diameter
Designed by master craftsman William Baxter for Baxter Wood. This beautifully shaped vessel has a delicately tapered form and is signed Baxter Wood, 97-245.

3. Center Front Main Photo - 4.75"h x 2.75" top diameter x 1.5" base diameter
An ovoid-shaped small vessel designed by William Baxter for Baxter Wood and signed, Baxter Wood, 97-34.

4. Back Right Main Photo- 8.5"h x 3.5" top diameter x 1" base diameter
This large exquisitely shaped vessel is crafted with two exotic woods - a medium tone wood base with beautiful graining and a darker wood forming the lip. Illegibly signed on base.

5. Front Right Main Photo- 4.5"h x 2.25" top diameter x 1" base diameter
Designed by John Dickinson of Oregon, this unusual vessel is composed of three different types of exotic wood bands culminating in an irregular live=edge rim. Signed, John Dickinson, 2001.

American Made

NOTE: These beautiful sculptural pieces are for display only, as they are not suitable to hold water.


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