Our tortoise collection runs the gamut from vases in multiple forms, pitchers in varying shapes and sizes as well as barware. Like the beloved animal print, the tortoise pattern is, likewise, an all-time favorite. It's enduing appeal seems to transcend style and era and makes it right at home almost anywhere.

Vintage Tortoise Vase Collection (from left to right in main photo)
Style 1 - Elongated Flared Neck Vase

12.5"h x 8"diameter

Style 2 - Tallest Vase
15"h x 7" diameter 

Style 3 - Small Footed Vase
9"h x 5.5"diameter 

Style 4 - XL Bulbous Vase
15"h x 12"diameter 

Style 5 - Cone Shaped Vase
10"h x 8" diameter

Style 6 - Short Flared Neck Vase
11.5"h x 6"diameter

Style 7 - Amber Art Glass Vase
10.5"h x 8" diameter

Hand-Blown Glass
Variations in Pattern to be Expected
Made in USA and Italy

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