Candle makers since 1643, Cire Trudon has supplied the Court of Louis XVI as well as the imperial court of Napoleon Bonaparte during its storied history. Presented in a hand-blown dark green tumbler with stamped gold foil shield emblem, the Cire Trudon scented candles have often been referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of candles. Known for their artisanal quality, the candles are made with biodegradable vegetal oils and pure cotton wicks.

The Scent: Spiritus Sancti
A heady and earthy fragrance Spiritus Sancti is inspired by the incense of altar candles.  This "spiritual" scent is crafted of frankincense, labdanum, incense vapors and the warmth of amber and vanilla and is perfect for these turbulent times.

Spiritus Sancti Perfumed Candle
4.25" x 3.5"
9.5 oz.
Made in France

Note: Additional Scents are also available for purchase and all candles can be found in the Apothecary section of this website.


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