About Privet House Supply

PRIVET HOUSE SUPPLY ... An e-Emporium Of Home Goods, Antiques And Curiosities.

At long last (after repeated and numerous requests from our out-of-state fans), Privet House launched Privet House Supply as its e-shopping website, featuring an edited selection of the identical merchandise that has made our shops such a well-loved destination. 

As always, you can count on Privet House to delight, surprise and amuse, and thanks to our compulsive shopping addiction, we are always on the prowl...so stay tuned.



A charming Connecticut shop located in the idyllic town of New Preston in the hills of Litchfield County, Privet House is ‘An Emporium of Home Goods, Antiques and Curiosities’.  Within a welcoming and visually striking environment, proprietors Richard Lambertson and Suzanne Cassano pride themselves on building an exquisitely curated collection of goods for the home...and, just possibly, the soul.

Antiques, vintage finds and decorative wares from the world over share the spotlight with Cire Trudon and Mad et Len perfumed candles and a well-edited assortment of lotions and potions.   A unique collection of kitchen wares and an amazing assortment of baskets have become our calling card and makes Privet House a well-loved destination.  Ditto for European table linens, towels from Turkey and Belgian glassware. Stacks upon stacks of vintage and out-of-print books add to the serendipity.

The shop's devotees include an international roster of interior decorators, architects and fashion designers in addition to A-list celebrities.  A major fan was Target, who was so smitten with the shop's individual viewpoint, uncommon mix and savvy vibe that they chose Privet House as one of only five retailers to collaborate on their premiere "The Shops At Target" initiative which debuted in Spring 2012.

Feel free to drop in if you are visiting our neck of the woods.  Otherwise, lucky for you, we are now just a click away.



Richard, Suzanne and Privet House

A quiet Sunday afternoon in front of Privet House. And there they are. Side by side. In a white convertible. Eyes closed, faces tilted up to the sky. You ask what they’re doing. And find out they’re both imagining being in Capri.

In a way this is all you need to know about the partnership of Richard Lambertson and Suzanne Cassano – and Privet House. Because in that one incident (which is true, by the way) you know they’re imaginative, playful, stylish, and have an awful lot in common. Of course, you could’ve picked up that last point by the way they dress. There isn’t a time you see them that you don’t appreciate their unselfconscious sense of style. Different – but somehow right together.

They met as neighbors and soon found they had a lot in common. Richard, was co-founder of Lambertson Truex, a luxury handbags and accessories company and Suzanne had developed original concepts and products for companies such as Calvin Klein. So design was high on the list. Then too, both are marathon shoppers. So it seemed only natural that they create Privet House. Because of who they are, Privet House isn’t just an interesting shop. It’s a destination – with unexpected discoveries put together so beautifully, you just want to stay there. Heck, you want to live there.

On their first Privet House shopping trip, they were delighted to find that if they both ‘loved-it—couldn’t-live-without-it—want-it-for-myself!’ it would go into Privet House. No wonder the store practically glows with their energy.

Privet House is a beautifully curated adventure. And every time you leave, you’ll feel as though you’ve been away…compliments of Richard and Suzanne.

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