Our glazed stoneware dishes and tumblers are a find from Merci, the storied Parisian concept design shop.  The spartan aesthetic borrows from the famous "American Modern Dinnerware" by Russell Wright as well as traditional Japanese bento containers.  The dishes are perfect for olives and nuts but can also be pressed into service as soap dishes, with the tumbler as a toothbrush holder. The color is white-washed with unglazed bottoms.

Glazed Stoneware Dishes
X-Deep Dish (1st photo, bottom right)
5.5'l x 4"d x 1.75'h

Deep Dish (1st photo, top right)
5.5"l x 4"d x 1"h

Glazed Stoneware Tumbler
3"h x 3" diameter

Dishwasher Safe

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