From a cooperative of master copper artisans with workshops in southwestern Mexico, our barware collection includes the basic tools of the trade...but in a not-so-basic material and finish.  To this day, the artisans still individually handcraft and hand-hammer each piece according to ancient traditions.

Hand-Hammered Copper Mixoligist Set - For Mixing The Perfect Cocktail
Includes 2-piece Boston Shaker, Cocktail Mixer/Stirring Spoon and Double-Sided Jigger

Shaker bottom cup - 30 oz capacity, 7"h x 3.5 diameter
Shaker top cup - 18 oz capacity, 5.35"h x 2.25" diameter
Jigger - 1 oz/2 oz capacity, 4.2"h x 2" diameter (with incremental measurements marked inside)
Cocktail Mixer - 20 oz capacity, 5"h x 3.5" diameter
Stirring Spoon - 12"l


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