Our cabinets are teaming with recently acquired vintage pottery from Eastern and Western Europe. The pottery dates to the 1970's which is definitely having its moment. Whether bought as a single or in mass, the pottery's bold colors and designs make for serious eye candy, and instantly infuse a space with personality and soul.

Limited Edition Studio Pottery
Vessel 1 - Orange w/ Yellow Drip Lines
13”h x 5” diameter

Vessel 2 -not available

Vessel 3 - not available

Vessel 4 -not available

Vessel 5 -not available

Vessel 6 - not available

Vessel 7 -not available

Vessel 7a - Gold w/ Allover Embossed Design (not in hero photo)
7.25”h x 4.25” diameter

Vessel 8 - Mustard Yellow w/ Light Brown Drip (not in hero photo)
12” h x 9” diameter




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