In a class of their own, our natural bone bath accessories with teak wood interiors have a natural beauty.  The ridged sides and tiled top surfaces add texture and dimension. The sleek lines make the collection work in a modern environment, yet the natural material is right at home in a more traditional bath.

Natural Bone Bath Collection
Tissue Box Cover (unavailable) 
5.5"h x 5.75" square

Toothbrush Holder
4"h x 3.5" square

Waste Basket (unavailable) 
9.5"h x 7.5" square

Cotton Ball Holder with Lid  (unavailable) 
7"l x 4"h x 2.5"w

Soap Dish
6"l x 4"w x 1"h

Rectangular Tray
11"lx 6"w x 1.5"h

Natural Bone, Teak
Made in Thailand


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