T.G. Green was founded by Thomas Goodwin Green back in 1864.  Rumor has it he bought up an existing pottery factory while on his honeymoon. 

A British design icon with its' classic blue & white stripes, Cornishware was first produced in 1924, and has been supporting Britain's cooks, bakers and tea makers for nearly 100 years.

After being closed since 2007, we are happy to report that the production of Cornishware has been restored in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent and is decorated in the West Country.

We are thrilled to have the new collection here at Privet House, along with several vintage pieces we've collected over the years.

Our olive wood has been an all-star favorite for almost as many years as Privet House has been in business.  We have a large collection including paddle boards,  salt cellars, honey pots, dipping dishes and more...

NOTE:  If something strikes your fancy and you would like more information, please email  Since almost everything is new to the shop, and since we are currently closed, we do not yet have all of these items up on our website.


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