These hand-crafted soaps are made in small batches of saponified oils of coconut, palm and shea butters. The soaps are scented with a proprietary blend of essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils.  Superfatted to be extra moisturizing, and softening to the skin, the soap is long-lasting and luxurious.  Best of all, the scented bath bars are packaged in black & white botanical illustrated papers.

Tea & Tobacco (back in stock soon) - warm roasted tea leaves and tobacco, with a hint of Italian bergamot.
Bourbon & Vanilla (back in stock soon) - notes of bourbon and Tahitian vanilla with a hint of musk and amber.
Sandalwood & Cedar (back in stock soon) - earthy and woody with a concoction of over six essential oils.

Fig Leaf - tart cranberries and sweet fig, with a hint of blood orange and pink grapefruit.
La Nuit  (back in stock soon) - notes of amber combine with myrrh, vanilla, Egyptian musk and french lavender.
Sea Salt & Lavender - a fresh sea breeze with a dose of soothing lavender essential oils.

Rosewater - a pretty and traditional rose fragrance.
Milk & Honey - the simplicity of milk and honey.
Sweet Pea & Clover - a delicate floral fragrance with a bit of berry and green clover. 

Honeycomb & Neroli (not pictured) - feminine, floral, fresh, and uplifting. 
Clementine & Lime (not pictured) - fresh, citrus and cleansing.
Gardenia Blossoms (not pictured) - a traditional gardenia scent with an added touch of lemon.

Made in Small Batches in USA
6 oz.


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