Na Nin, founded in 2009, was inspired by a year of living in South Korea where founder Kate Jennings befriended a woman who taught her Korean words and phrases.  "Na Nin" was one of the first things her friend wrote in a sentence that translated to "I am". The moments of kindness extended to Kate inspired her not just in life but in her business as well - to focus on the importance of kindness and to support others.  We at Privet House think this is a really noble mission...

Na Nin Candle Collection - The Pairings
Hand-poured soy candles infused with a trade blend of premium fragrances and essential oils in complementary pairings.

*Cannibis/Opium Den
*Palo Santo/Desert Rose
*Sea Salt/Sand Dunes

Packaged in a Black Glass Vessel in a Black Box
9 oz./255g


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