Founded by a California-based husband and wife team, the perfumed soy-based candles are inspired by the olfactory memories of their travels.  The candles are hand-poured in their studio, while the ceramic vessels are hand-thrown and glazed by a local potter.  The well-designed vessels can be repurposed once the candle expires.

Big Sur Candle
Inspired by a jaunt to Big Sur, the rugged stretch of California's central coast, this candle has blended notes of oak moss, pine, citrus and wood smoke.
Ceramic Vessel in Matte Black/Matte Bone Glaze.

Idyllwild Candle
Inspired by an excursion to the community of Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains of California this candle has blended notes of cedar wood, sage, vetiver and citrus.
Ceramic Vessel in Matte White/Matte Bone Glaze.

Mohegan Candle
Inspired by a pilgrimage to Mohegan Island off the coast of Maine, this candle has blended notes of sandalwood, tobacco and leather.
Ceramic Vessel in Matte Black/Gloss Black Glaze.

Ojai Candle
Inspired by a journey to the village of Ojai set in the Topatopa Mountains of California, this candle has blended notes of frankincense, cypress patchouli and woody incense.
Ceramic Vessel in Gloss White Glaze with Terra Cotta Speckles.

Oresund Candle
Inspired by a trip to Copenhagen, this candle has blended notes of balsam fir, grapefruit and ambrette seed.
Ceramic Vessel in Black Speckle/Terra Cotta Glaze.

Soy Wax Blended with Essential and Fragrance Oils.
12 oz.
Ceramic Vessel 4.5"h x 3.5"w contained in Linen Drawstring Bag
Handmade in California




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