Palermo Body is one of a growing number of brands fueling the clean beauty boom with its focus on natural and certified organic ingredients, sustainability and transparency.  Jessica Morelli founded the Palermo Body and Soap Collection of natural skincare products on the premise that each be consciously formulated. Every ingredient is chosen with purpose and mindfulness of its benefits to the skin and effect on the environment.

Palermo Soap Collection with Coconut, Sustainable Palm and Shea Butter
Unscented Coconut and Oatmeal Soap with Jojoba Oil
Ideal for sensitive or dry skin, this unscented bar is Palermo's most gentle soap.  Moisturizing coconut milk and firming oatmeal help to gently combat skin ailments, while the jojoba oil gently moisturizes skin.

Lavender and Sage Soap with Lavender Flowers and White Clay
Ideal for sensitive or dry skin, this soap gently soothes irritation and moisturizes skin. White clay cleanses impurities, while lavender flowers mildly exfoliate.

Rose Geranium and Mandarin Soap with Rosehip 
Ideal for all skin types, rose geranium helps to balance skin tone and ease tension.  Rich in Vitamin C, Rosehip has antioxidant properties that aid improving elasticity.

Tea Tree and Mint Soap with French Green Clay
Ideal for normal or combination skin, tea tree and peppermint help to maintain clear, unblemished 
skin.  The French green clay helps to absorb oil while toning.

Grapefruit and Juniper with Activated Charcoal
Ideal for oily or blemish-prone skin, this soap boosts activated bamboo charcoal to draw out oil and impurities. Grapefruit and juniper help to detoxify and tone skin.

Handmade in Small Batches in Brooklyn, NY
4oz / 113g


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