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Our trio of sisal baskets are handwoven in Kenya from the local plants that are indigenous to the territory. The producers harvest the sisal, extract the fibers, dry them, dye them, spin threads and weave the baskets. Offered in three different sizes, shapes and patterns, these baskets with solve your organizational needs with style to spare.

Kenyan Sisal Baskets
Low - 9.5"diameter x 4"h
Horizontal Stripe
Camel/Natural 2-Tone

Small - 5.5"diameter x 5.5"h
Horizontal Stripe
Camel/Natural 3-Tone

Large - 9.5"diameter x 8"h
Vertical Stripe
Camel/Natural 2-Tone

Handmade in Kenya

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these baskets, sizes may vary slightly


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