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The term Treen is of Old English origin and means "of a tree" and became the generic name for small handmade functional objects made of turned wood. Treenware was typically handmade in the 18th and 19th centuries, but these more modern pieces were created by contemporary artists in the 1980's and 1990's from the same technique of turning wood. The selection of different wood species was always important and this collection was created using and marrying an array of exotic woods to great effect. Today these boxes have become lovely keepsakes, beautiful objects d'art and/or places to store your secret treasures.

Treenware Boxes
1. Top Left Main Photo - 4"w x 3"d x 1.75"h
Fabricated using Japanese Tamo wood and Macassar Ebony from India. Lined in faux suede cloth and signed John Russell, 1990.

2. Top Right Main Photo - 6"w x 4"d x 2.75"h
A double-hinged rectangular box made of exotic woods inlayed in a zebra pattern and lined in black velveteen.

3. Bottom Left Main Photo - 6"w x 3.75"d x 2.75"h
A unique oval box made of four layers that stack on top of each other. The first three layers are lined with black velveteen and the burled lid is complete with a beveled mirror.

4. Bottom Right Main Photo - 8"w x 3.75"d x 2.25"h
A dark-grained exotic wood box with an unhinged angular lid. The base is ebonized with a mahogany interior and the lid is fashioned in a dark grained wood of unknown origin.

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