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Designer and decorative artist Bridie Hall, who is one part of the acclaimed London shop, Pentreath and Hall, created these gently scented neoclassical intaglio soaps. Sold in a boxed set of two, the artisanal soaps are inspired by the plaster intaglios collected by travelers who undertook the European Grand Tour. The white relief on our soaps depict Diana, Goddess of the countryside, hunters and wildlife, fertility and the Moon. Considered a triple deity, Diana is known as a divine power.

Painstakingly cast in two parts, the white relief is an unscented soap, hardened with a touch of beeswax to give longevity through use to the classical detailing. The body of the soap is gently fragranced with Lavender and enhanced with Rowse Honey for its moisturizing qualities

Intaglio Soaps, Lavender - Box of 2
2 x 60 gram soap bars
Made in England

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