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From day one, Privet House has always had a soft spot for African baskets, vessels and artifacts and our striking collection of decorative African gourds is evidence of that passion. Our hollow bottle-shaped gourds are defined by a tapered neck and swelling body. Most likely intended for use as water jugs, the majority of our gourds retain their basketry lids. Decorated with abstract forms, the gourds are a fusion of organic beauty and cultural expression. There is definitely strength in numbers as the gourds are particularly impressive when artfully arranged as a grouping.

Decoratively Painted African Gourds
Style 1 - 9"h x 8"w
Attached Decorative Basketry Lid

Style 2 - 16"h x 8"w

Style 3 - 14"h x 7"w
Attached Decorative Basketry Lid

Style 4 - 14.5"h x 8"w
Attached Decorative Basketry Lid

Style 5 - 17"h x 9"w
Attached Decorative Basketry Lid

Style 6 - 12"h x 9"w
Attached Plain Basketry Lid

Style 7 - 16"h x 9.5"w

Dried Hollow Gourds
Hand Decoration

Note; as with most antique and vintage items, there may be subtle imperfections that add to the inherent character of the piece.

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