John Sheppard is a young, New York-based ceramist who was one of a few ceramic artists that Architectural Digest recently credited with "giving pottery a modern update." Sheppard's work is shaped by such far-reaching influences as Richard Serra, Brutalism, geometry, nature and outer space.  Clearly, there is more than meets the eye with his series of whitewashed porcelain prisms.  With their watertight glazed interior and hand-carved "cracked" opening, the prisms are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

John Sheppard Rift Vases
Large - 9"h x 3" square

Medium - 6"h x 3" square

Small - 3"h x 3" square (currently unavailable)

Porcelain with Glazed Interior
Handmade in New York


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