From an esteemed Belgian company, this range of hurricanes is handcrafted by skilled artisans from mouth-blown clear glass.  Unique to the range, the hurricanes are designed with built-in candle holders to assure the candles remain upright and centered. Candles are sold separately.

Mouth-Blown Glass Hurricanes
Handcrafted in Belgium
XXS - 6"h x 4"diameter

Small - 8.5"h x 6"diameter

Medium - 10.5"h x 7"diameter 

Large - 12"h x 8.5"diameter 

Note: due to the mouth-blown nature of the glass, sizes may vary a bit.

Ivory Church Candles
XXS - 4"h x 1.5"d (fits XXS hurricane)

Small - 6"h x 2"d (fits Small hurricane)

Medium - 8"h x 2"d (fits Medium hurricane)

Large - 10"h x 3"d (fits Large hurricane)

Please Note: There is an additional charge for shipping the medium and large hurricanes, so please contact the shop at 860.868.1800 for additional information and to place your order for medium and large-sized hurricanes only.


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