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Gathered from markets throughout Pakistan, our collection of vintage brass-plated metal lassi cups were originally used for sipping the eponymous yogurt drink.  The lassi cup was also reportedly referred to as a "bride cup" and used at wedding celebrations where guests filled it with coins as a gift to the couple.

Today, the lassi cup could serve as a vase for flowers or as a container for corralling paint brushes or pencils.  Hand-engraved in the Mogul-style, no two are alike and the timeworn patina varies from cup to cup.

Vintage Lassi Cups

Approximately 5"h x 3.5" diameter

Approximately 6"h x 3.5"diameter

Approximately 7"h x 3.5"diameter

Tin-Plated Brass
Not Food Safe or Appropriate for Drinking
Made in India and Pakistan

*Each Lassi Cup is unique, so please allow us to select one for you...or call the shop at 860.868.1800 for more information.

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