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Our cabinets are teaming with recently acquired vintage pottery from Eastern and Western Europe. Our limited edition collection of pottery dates to the 1970's which is definitely having its moment. Whether bought as a single or in mass, the pottery's embossed designs, abstract patterns and rich earth tones instantly infuse a space with personality and soul. All of these pieces were discovered on trips through Eastern & Western Europe.

Vintage Studio Pottery Vessels and Vases
Vessel 1 - Abstract Striped Jug
Mellow Yellow/Amber/Brown
11.5"h x 5"diameter

Vessel 2 - not available

Vessel 3 - not available

Vessel 4 - Gold Embossed Starburst Pattern w/ Neck
Marked with Sheurich Label - Made in West Germany
16.5"h x 6"diameter

Vessel 5 - Abstract Striped Vase
Mellow Yellow/Amber/Brown
11.5"h  5" diameter

Vessel 6 - Gold Embossed in Horizontal Stripe Pattern
12.5"h x 5"diameter

Vessel 7 - Two-Tone Ribbed Striped Vessel
8.5"h x 7" diameter

Limited Edition
Glazed Ceramic
Hand Wash Only

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