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While out gathering and foraging, we amassed a wonderful collection of vintage brown stoneware pitchers.. And believe it or not, they are all from a home here in Connecticut, whose owner is artistic, creative and with an amazing collector's eye.  Each pitcher has its own unique design and special patina which adds to its character; and the colors range from dark brown to honey brown to reddish brown. These pitchers are all American made and date from the late 19th to early 20th century.

Vintage Stoneware Pitchers
1-Grape & Trellis
9.5"h x 7"w (incl. handle)

7.5"h x 8"w (incl. handle)

3- Barrel
8"h x 7"w (incl. handle)

7"h x 6.5"w (incl. handle)

5-Modernist Stripe
8"h x 7"w (incl. handle)

6-Daisy Dot
8.5"h x 7"w (incl. handle)

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